2020 Poems


to walk away from the sun using magnetic volume enhancers : experiential-experimental-literature
the land as a mirror : experiential-experimental-literature
your blood is the chirp of the colonel of stairs : Setu Volume 5; Issue 6
the solid tusk was the flipping hand of the caramel north : Setu Volume 5; Issue 6
the moon learns of the sports glam : Setu Volume 5; Issue 6
the tempeh to suit me (nano) : Setu Volume 5; Issue 6
sea pea : Anti-Heroin Chic Issue No. 18
the red meal king of suits : Anti-Heroin Chic Issue No. 18
I heave that standard trash and we are keeping the kettle : BlazeVOX Fall 2020 - 20th Anniversary Special
that good feather is the tree of the future flute : BlazeVOX Fall 2020 - 20th Anniversary Special
world is the mike of the frosting : BlazeVOX Fall 2020 - 20th Anniversary Special
a glass osiris : BlazeVOX Fall 2020 - 20th Anniversary Special
word gets the sideways lenny : BlazeVOX Fall 2020 - 20th Anniversary Special
sun of the scramble : BlazeVOX Fall 2020 - 20th Anniversary Special
sock scythe crane : BlazeVOX Fall 2020 - 20th Anniversary Special
the lard of the heavens : Danse Macabre 130 Pfeffernüsse
stark’s white toast makes for a good meal with a little meat or beans : Danse Macabre 130 Pfeffernüsse
ghost tree in socks : Danse Macabre 130 Pfeffernüsse
microghost leads the microway : Danse Macabre 130 Pfeffernüsse
laser franks kitty : Danse Macabre 130 Pfeffernüsse
a rainbow of coinage : Synchronized Chaos
slot tick that natural name : Synchronized Chaos
the face of the comma : Synchronized Chaos
the ballpoint earth : Synchronized Chaos


glass beard : Mad Swirl
the lost apple of the walking ones : {isacoustic*}
a daylight psalm : The Cool Zone
we’d get out of the pool and into the hot shower during rest breaks so we didn’t freeze : The Cool Zone
a chain of souls downloading into the garden : The Cool Zone (Camp Elasticity Productions anthology)
carefully mountain gorilla now : E·ratio
memphis has leaks : E·ratio
luck hum : E·ratio
loud eggs to get you the gotcha jump : The Opiate
voot : Litterateur Redefining World Issue Number 4
to shape the furstfume or dust of the widge : where is the river :: a poetry experiment issue twenty
in the sea tree : where is the river :: a poetry experiment issue twenty
right now with the animated piggy : where is the river :: a poetry experiment issue twenty
bible hawk : where is the river :: a poetry experiment issue twenty
wordsmurf is the leather yolk of the parrot starving a box of roaches : Modern Literature
I know a coin of the dollar is the fox and burr of the whistle : Modern Literature
the miller of the bee and the secret bee : Modern Literature
a hamredder, that leather of the tooth : Otoliths Issue 59
this bubble of the florida clown with that dart of the boiling hand : Otoliths Issue 59
baloney heart was the leader of the sour candles : Otoliths Issue 59
the spider corn was creamed to make a wallet of the fur : Otoliths Issue 59
the summer wolves and the express : Otoliths Issue 59
heck hog : Otoliths Issue 59
the former sunlight code to reach the heavens using zilch : Otoliths Issue 59
a quart of the quince : Otoliths Issue 59
hymn and fir : Otoliths Issue 59
demand a dream for the new time : Otoliths Issue 59


the green dog with wet fur : The Collidescope
the wow is a why : The Collidescope
to egg the earth one day : Madness Muse Press – Weekly Poetry Page Issue #2


scandal was a cleo of the hare : X-Peri
stagnant yes is the wolf of cereal creaking : X-Peri
the why and the eh : X-Peri
you, you a certain piper : X-Peri
we need that miracle snout to grant us the time in lemons : X-Peri
the latest in head tech for country mice : X-Peri
or else elati : X-Peri
you and jumpy the brain : X-Peri
the day of the rising huh : Unlikely Stories Mark V
the doctor of trenton is the same answer as the rose : Unlikely Stories Mark V
that dracula crap : Unlikely Stories Mark V
the mouse is the color of the grey sun : Setu Volume 5; Issue 3
chewing now for that bulb of friction : Setu Volume 5; Issue 3
crow cardboard : Setu Volume 5; Issue 3
looking at trees for five hours : La nécessaire déconstruction de l’éphémère No. 4
pie watch “83” : La nécessaire déconstruction de l’éphémère No. 4
I was a new earthman : Synchronized Chaos
were you a look-alike, a liker of the world, wok a rook? : Synchronized Chaos
no earth in the sky : Synchronized Chaos
rat restaurant : Synchronized Chaos
detailed mazatavahn : Synchronized Chaos
greener, still : Synchronized Chaos


they say that the stars are candy : can we have our ball back?
the annotated ringworm : can we have our ball back?
down like a darling duck : can we have our ball back?
on the planet of plants : can we have our ball back?
the morning and lava : can we have our ball back?
the treat and that spock lifter to mention a day of the gamble : Mad Swirl
garbage bag home to the lemon is the pie of the world : Moss Trill
oatmeal worm : experiential-experimental-literature
"a" is for applesauce in a five-gallon bucket : experiential-experimental-literature
there once was a listening burd who didn’t sing & only listened : experiential-experimental-literature
mmm... orange : Otoliths Issue 58
straggle out here : Otoliths Issue 58
the eyes will surprise you : Otoliths Issue 58
this is the thinking something : Otoliths Issue 58
earth is ahead of itself : Otoliths Issue 58
clark lemon 27 : Otoliths Issue 58
www.when.combover : Otoliths Issue 58
the pegboard pink little lamb : Otoliths Issue 58
no more than the forest cone : Otoliths Issue 58
that laid-back brick might be the real me : Otoliths Issue 58

JULY 2020

I am speaking of the trash in that cube : Modern Literature
earth was insured : Modern Literature
the plaid beverage : M58
the three-blanket broth : M58
the clown in the tired tree : M58
chop tock a pillar of the rose : M58
tomorrow earth : M58
heaven is the clean eye : M58
the name of the night : M58
your scrambled lips : M58
fifty flaps was a clap of the nighthawk to steal a breadloaf : M58
that water is a dinosaur : M58

JUNE 2020

spinach beard : Maintenant 14
edible mars for mr. cake : Modern Literature
one hundred worlds ago : Modern Literature
the period of big trucks : Modern Literature
let’s start with that old sun : Ink Pantry
earth is a miracle-gro planet : Ink Pantry
slink like that last leather leopard : Ink Pantry
machines like it when : Ink Pantry
a velvet violin in space : Ink Pantry
into the sun we go : streetcake Issue 67
what do you think about playing 12 minutes into the future, man? : Mad Swirl
better ice to be the arnold : Setu Volume 4; Issue 12
earth yum like a period of barns : Setu Volume 4; Issue 12
the winnipeg house of the suits : Setu Volume 4; Issue 12
birthday magic poem : Setu Volume 4; Issue 12
klue of will to dye a giant woolsey : Setu Volume 4; Issue 12

MAY 2020

a friendship oink : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
cara of the earth darling : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
that friend of the land was a pocket of the james away : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
whew and gripper : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
forcible frog taste : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
mizzo xon combo non lark : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
grizzly unique (I care aloud) : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
bobcat axe : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
basic fish : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
the three honeycomb roses : BlazeVOX Spring 2020
scrap iron 2 as a new pasted blah for wheeling : X-Peri
spaghetti unit : X-Peri
the learned fast face : X-Peri
a scobble of the caranthium : X-Peri
the usual earth : X-Peri
scarp creighton and the burrow of the nice worms : X-Peri
the king kong lemon : X-Peri
the granda answer and panda : X-Peri
the talking penny : The Collidescope
the ultra ultra bank : The Collidescope
a winking bat : The Collidescope
the color of the comma : Moss Trill
your clear water is a hydro night shape to sear the steak : PPP Ezine
populace and population : experiential-experimental-literature
starfire deluge : experiential-experimental-literature
a rooster in the dark : experiential-experimental-literature
the clean galaxy is the westernmost point of the starfish cavalcade : experiential-experimental-literature
release the parrots : experiential-experimental-literature
poetry writing once there is a plum in the binding : experiential-experimental-literature
today is my birthday : experiential-experimental-literature
to see the crocodile hat : Otoliths Issue 57
paper and yawn : Otoliths Issue 57
that bat rat to stack a period of nine worlds : Otoliths Issue 57
saturn feaster means denver werewolves : Otoliths Issue 57
speer boulevard spork : Otoliths Issue 57
the monitored lizard : Otoliths Issue 57
when cooking the words in the pot we throw in a vowel : Otoliths Issue 57

APRIL 2020

that deed is a star on the flag, for sure : Unlikely Stories Mark V
boxing in the kitchen with the landlord : Unlikely Stories Mark V
bleep sid toaves of peace : Unlikely Stories Mark V

MARCH 2020

I gulp the ham jangle : Mad Swirl
bright bird was to wear an apple : {isacoustic*}


the sweet awesome is the rutch : X-Peri
confounded to sleep in the butter : X-Peri
radio panther eclipse : X-Peri
to start a war with the good shrimp : X-Peri
trick the sun tomorrow : X-Peri
slinking light loaf was a word weeker : X-Peri
we ate the sheriff : X-Peri
a major sleeping bag : Otoliths Issue 56
is that a captain kirk shirt? : Otoliths Issue 56
are you a capital "J" like me? : Otoliths Issue 56
the coke and pepsi game : Otoliths Issue 56
you hadn’t started the sun : Otoliths Issue 56
blue machine a grover doll : Otoliths Issue 56
I ate the star : Otoliths Issue 56


machines do not like the magnet : Duane's PoeTree
eclipse procedure on earth-five : Duane's PoeTree
open the wolf door for people : Duane's PoeTree
cleaning beef with beef : [a] neon garden (print zine)
seven is the extra insect : [a] neon garden (print zine)
to eat the earth with butter : [a] neon garden (print zine)
dig it was dave prowse : [a] neon garden (print zine)
moo : [a] neon garden (print zine)
forest sauce is the lucky moon of the dirt : Unlikely Stories Mark V
the fletch of king bacon or the earth of nine worlds : Unlikely Stories Mark V
were you a walking wall or wolf and were you springing into the sun? : Unlikely Stories Mark V
there is no mirror this time : [a] neon garden Issue 2
we hear the stomach of the hand : [a] neon garden Issue 2
a feathered foot : [a] neon garden Issue 2
smurfs or saints : [a] neon garden Issue 2
the lemon of the tried eye : [a] neon garden Issue 2
to be candid about mushroom velvet : [a] neon garden Issue 2
scrambled eggs house : [a] neon garden Issue 2
the dave to win that language : [a] neon garden Issue 2
the cake of brain language : [a] neon garden Issue 2
I need that lamp in the dark to scent a wolf to make it a pretty ghost : [a] neon garden Issue 2
see thru the wall if that’s what there is to do on a night like this : Mad Swirl
stars of mascara cave to blind the donkey : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
would you trice fox the capple rock to be spree the free? : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
uncle rooster (the shape of a cough) : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
the watermelon fingers : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
that big bix color of the sun and we eat it : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
narrowing that james denim lichen to start a funnel of the tornado points : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
corner was a baba and not the winking hand : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
goor the shrimp cocktail I saw thru the window : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
the need to know us in the air : E·ratio Issue 29
that could explain the camera lozenge : E·ratio Issue 29
thanks for eating my knee : E·ratio Issue 29