Wednesday, September 20, 2023

2023 Poems


sea egg ENIAC (monostich) : dadakuku
Haiku (“fifty years ago”) : Haiku Corner 2023, Week 37 (The Japan Society)
Haiku (“the trees at the park”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“early autumn dusk”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“dried-up sunflowers”) : Synchronized Chaos
Senryū (“after a short nap”) : Haiku Corner 2023, Week 36 (The Japan Society)
frozen egypt the moon landing I guess (monostich) : dadakuku
tree volume: 15 : Synchronized Chaos
formulaic radish : Synchronized Chaos
powerbalk : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“do the crickets know”) : Asahi Haikuist Network (The Asahi Shimbun)


Haiku (“advent of autumn”) : Haiku Corner 2023, Week 34 (The Japan Society)
Haiku (“the two squirrels greet”) : Haiku Corner 2023, Week 33 (The Japan Society)
Haiku (“the man in the moon”) : Scarlet Dragonfly Journal
Haiku (“where’s my pretty bird?”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“summer in Denver”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“wild sunflowers grow”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“cool rain cuts the heat”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“church food giveaway”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“lightning overhead”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“people come & go”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“partially eaten”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“bag full of quarters”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“two small birds eat up”) : Synchronized Chaos
following CHiPs : dadakuku
Haiku (“early August now”) : Cold Moon Journal
pyramids underscore freedom socks (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
yes no space breakfast (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
denver me a cake rabbit (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
sneeze beep citadel (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
casserole the martian trowels (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
flour tortilla minnow tomorrow (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
blue gelatin dolphin in the milk (monostich) : Otoliths Issue 70
boxing denmark’s aspic (monostich) : Otoliths Issue 70
Ω fresh licorice (monostich) : Otoliths Issue 70
moist towelette sidewinder (monostich) : Otoliths Issue 70
window the scene with the giraffe (monostich) : Otoliths Issue 70
green grapes lovely I said (monostich) : Otoliths Issue 70
nothing we are the world (monostich) : Otoliths Issue 70
compunction nodule : Otoliths Issue 70
land’s : Otoliths Issue 70
the green apple serpent of the jolly ranchers : Otoliths Issue 70

JULY 2023

bee / bee / bee : dadakuku
starry noodle tree soup (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
wooden elbow march or april (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
grand canyon intentionally left blank (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
forest trout without me (monostich) : dadakuku
show me a mile away (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
background water self-programming (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
big tree sun (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
a week in that stew no mention of athens (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
morning frog too soon (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
corrugated headlock votive (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
soft lentil meteor heavenly (monostich) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“sunflowers stand tall”) : Cold Moon Journal
dusk, foremost : dadakuku

JUNE 2023

Senryū (“artichoke quinoa”) : Shadow Pond Journal
Haiku (“the buzz of a fly”) : Haiku Corner 2023, Week 24 (The Japan Society)
opera pizza but a flower (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
zoo flute a mental plum (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
sinistar : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
villa alegre : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
junior light : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
oscillating fields : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
brain zaps : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
plain monsieur : dadakuku
a common centaur in the egg for too long (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
electric together I’m only a prince (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
disguised in the water in the woods (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
(crow) I win! I win! I win! (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
clean smith wooden bee (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
Haiku (“I’ve missed you, my friend!”) : Cold Moon Journal
O.G. : dadakuku
the painting hand : M58
the night of the peeled fork : M58
the mental friend disguised as a bird : M58
at the old ben franklin store : Synchronized Chaos
crackling toulouse : Synchronized Chaos
halo farm : Synchronized Chaos
sherman coyote : Synchronized Chaos
is this ladder a worm to snow? : Synchronized Chaos
in the box of the tomorrow : Synchronized Chaos

MAY 2023

Haiku (“Judge Judy’s echoes”) : Scarlet Dragonfly Journal
Haiku (“the hawk flies across”) : dadakuku
Haiku (“life’s impermanence”) :
Haiku (“sunny day downtown”) : Haiku Corner 2023, Week 19 (The Japan Society)
you look: : BlazeVOX Spring 2023
visine egg : BlazeVOX Spring 2023
(ah) secret : BlazeVOX Spring 2023
camel, whom : BlazeVOX Spring 2023
I see spocks : BlazeVOX Spring 2023
Haiku (“Jupiter follows”) : Cold Moon Journal
in a dream with myself : dadakuku
unit f-f-f (reprint) : Poetry & Art Trading Cards
saint christopher of earth : Otoliths Issue 69
morgan silverfish dollar : Otoliths Issue 69
mercer county dream : Otoliths Issue 69

APRIL 2023

evergreen 84 : dadakuku
grapes now for listening arthur : Mad Swirl
who, I? : dadakuku
Haiku (“Cassiopeia”) : Scarlet Dragonfly Journal Issue 13
Haiku (“blinded by headlights”) : Cold Moon Journal
in the lake with the clean creatures (reprint) : The Best of Mad Swirl: v2022

MARCH 2023

scooped fire : Word For/ Word Issue 40
a carrot cake of nine knives : Word For/ Word Issue 40
warmth for trout : Word For/ Word Issue 40
Haiku (“the two chickens tap”) : Haiku Corner 2023, Week 12 (The Japan Society)
One-word haiku (“chickenspring”) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
One-line haiku (“hencluck laidegg”) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
bill burt : Danse Macabre 149 Octuor
power huh : Danse Macabre 149 Octuor
pork sadness : Danse Macabre 149 Octuor
gilligan! : Danse Macabre 149 Octuor
icarus shunt : Danse Macabre 149 Octuor
sue / sal : dadakuku
Haiku (“truck backs up & beeps”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“could it be Venus?”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“the two hens eat oats”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“black beans at midnight”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“I tell the black dog”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“the cricket has stopped”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“there are clouds beneath”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“a bowl of green beans”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“dog walk at sunset”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“the sky to the east”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“the clear, starry sky”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“the field is now gone”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“an alert rabbit”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“what’s that in its mouth?”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“the hen eats her corn”) (reprint) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal Vol. 19 (print)
Haiku (“the day moon rises”) : Heterodox Haiku Journal Issue 2
Haiku (“as I walk the dog”) : Heterodox Haiku Journal Issue 2
no way as way : dadakuku
gumbywood : Synchronized Chaos
lake or blake : Synchronized Chaos
with me : Synchronized Chaos
duck, duck, goose : Synchronized Chaos
red bull for dinner : Synchronized Chaos


Haiku (“Jupiter above”) : Asahi Haikuist Network (The Asahi Shimbun)
green california corinthians : dadakuku
crabapple could-be : Synchronized Chaos
the promise of a new marvel team-up : Synchronized Chaos
plum (understood) : Synchronized Chaos
the eiger sanka : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“the one-eared squirrel”) :
Haiku (“thousands of fluffy”) : Asahi Haikuist Network (The Asahi Shimbun)
Haiku (“birds sing at sunrise”) : Asahi Haikuist Network (The Asahi Shimbun)
play-doh peas : dadakuku
c’sar’s ’uvre : Otoliths Issue 68
unironic 4 : Otoliths Issue 68
the other ford prefect : Otoliths Issue 68
prog+ram : Otoliths Issue 68
silencio : Otoliths Issue 68
ii / iii : Otoliths Issue 68
lilliputiac : Otoliths Issue 68
sliced apple tux : Otoliths Issue 68
copperspider : Otoliths Issue 68


Haiku (“a man & his dog”) : Scarlet Dragonfly Journal Issue 10
hello, larry : dadakuku
dealt-a-force : Synchronized Chaos
building & : Synchronized Chaos
pylon wave : Synchronized Chaos
mentioning a : Synchronized Chaos
circularity : Synchronized Chaos
unit f-f-f : Jasper’s Folly Poetry Journal Issue #1
stained coin (1up) : dadakuku
Haiku (“silence at midnight”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“eleven below”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“power lines ripped down”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“cold, dark December”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“neighbors’ Christmas lights”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“a rainbow halo”) : Synchronized Chaos