Wednesday, April 17, 2024

2024 Poems

APRIL 2024

Haiku (“Kerouac’s birthday”) : Scarlet Dragonfly Journal
listen bug too-mato paste w/ bears : Synchronized Chaos
millerbot brownie rice chickpea rice : Synchronized Chaos
battle cake captain adenoid subculture : Synchronized Chaos
raspberry clown known maritime repellant : Synchronized Chaos
bowl of raisin brain taco filling in my socks : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“forgotten coffee”) : Cold Moon Journal
Haiku (“she gives me three words”) : Cold Moon Journal
Haiku (“windy day & night”) : Cold Moon Journal
why’s mined : dadakuku
sliced apple praying hands (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
fly is lectured idea rays (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
unless I am corrupt never it could not (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
c.r.ê.p.e. : dadakuku
Haiku (“slept all day & night”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“two deer & then three”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“green buds have appeared”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“tail end of winter”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“the humans come out”) : Synchronized Chaos

MARCH 2024

invisible room grapes free of change (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
toad that saturn neighbor to the north (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
window pizza purple instinct (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
near-earth insurance giant wonderfully (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
I am in the sink how is it a pelican (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
hashbrowns magpie may (monostich) : dadakuku
Haiku (“halfway thru winter”) : Cold Moon Journal
Haiku (“I take out the trash”) : Cold Moon Journal
Haiku (“arctic blast day two”) : Cold Moon Journal
Haiku (“last week of winter”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“the first day of March”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“on this extra day”) : Synchronized Chaos
daylightened : – ⭐ Nominated for Publication of the Month for March
Haiku (“very busy week”) : Scarlet Dragonfly Journal
crayola burger castle the variance of X (monostich) : dadakuku
Haiku (“bus leaves without me”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“cups of coffee at”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“light snowfall tonight”) : Synchronized Chaos


roar! (I got up) : purgatorio (wlovlow)
≠ what is : purgatorio (wlovlow)
now here : purgatorio (wlovlow)
NOT A FIRE : purgatorio (wlovlow)
chex mix : purgatorio (wlovlow)
3609 : purgatorio (wlovlow)
the G : purgatorio (wlovlow)
mark ER : purgatorio (wlovlow)
M1 nº 2 : purgatorio (wlovlow)
M1 nº 1 : purgatorio (wlovlow)
daylight crown aperture extra now (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
mysterious plaidness a letter in box 1 (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
now it is for it isn’t an eep (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
Haiku (“I’ve just missed the bus”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“weary of winter”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“February first”) : Synchronized Chaos
buildings oh halo : dadakuku
One-line haiku (“snow on the couch on the front lawn”) : Setu Volume 8; Issue 8: “Masters of Wabi” feature
Haiku (“starry sky tonight”) : Setu Volume 8; Issue 8: “Masters of Wabi” feature
Haiku (“dead man on the ground”) : Mad Swirl
Haiku (“Independence Day”) : Mad Swirl
Haiku (“titanium spork”) : Mad Swirl
Haiku (“I stayed inside of”) : Mad Swirl
Haiku (“grandfather’s birthday”) : Mad Swirl
Haiku (“here at summer’s end”) : Moss Piglet
spinning plates for laundry money a scene of freezing : Synchronized Chaos
paper snakes a panther painting : Synchronized Chaos
polk high a daylight coin sauce : Synchronized Chaos
transfiguration half-dollar : Synchronized Chaos
january pioneer stephen tomorrow : Synchronized Chaos


red gourd glue a peach pit to the air (monostich) : dadakuku
I’m not in the dream the day I seem to be (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
the odor of dollar bills you were in my dream (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
ouchminster brady a pair of socks (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
gene the green we’re swimming (monostich) : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
erosion (the myrrh) : Password: the journal of Very Short Poetry issue 1.1
rapid unscheduled disassembly : Password: the journal of Very Short Poetry issue 1.1
empower field mouse @ mile high : Password: the journal of Very Short Poetry issue 1.1
building a planet moths moths moths (monostich) : dadakuku
five-doppler footlong : Synchronized Chaos
[major houlihan] : Synchronized Chaos
voices in the mire : Synchronized Chaos
tomorrow counts for corn : Synchronized Chaos
ink ink ink & we leave it : Synchronized Chaos
blue could be blue (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
purple leaf you were there (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
borrowed earth now I am floating (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
leap year rambo a weird hundred (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
nothing I need saturn (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
outlawed parka ruptured eardrum (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
kenny baker the sword of viele lake (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
yep oh sunfish (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
enoch I control the pears (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
a world of pines effortless clouds (monostich) : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
cavewolf sprite : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
I’m sure that 100,000 : Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry)
Haiku (“the mountain changes”) : Scarlet Dragonfly Journal
one more one than one & one more (monostich) : dadakuku
Haiku (“thin clouds race in front”) : Cold Moon Journal
Haiku (“without a coffee”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“the year’s shortest day”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“ol’ crow got sum’n”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“on the 38”) : Synchronized Chaos
Haiku (“the sun has come out”) : Synchronized Chaos