2019 Poems


to win a reptile at the circus : {isacoustic*}
the collapse of the fingerless glove restaurant : {isacoustic*}
cleo minestrone and the dollar clouds : {isacoustic*}
morning is a clown : {isacoustic*}
eating a steak with larry the muppet : {isacoustic*}
this blueberry scone is the pardon of the night horse : {isacoustic*}
insect pie : {isacoustic*}
green grover : Best Poetry Online
are you a gilligan or a gannon? : Best Poetry Online
why is there no morning to greet us in the dust? : Best Poetry Online
the flexing ham to sugar us with roses : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 16
siren toque was a chimp stagnant : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 16
talk through the waterfall : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 16
ten times you junco fidgeters : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 16
a waffling brain for beedo : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 16


when all you have is a red hot burrito : experiential-experimental-literature
something reaches out and grabs your ankle : experiential-experimental-literature
a plastic answer from a robotic fern : experiential-experimental-literature
carols potter the plan a nice planet you know the world is a baby : experiential-experimental-literature
I saved an earwig from the black plastic bag of death : experiential-experimental-literature
earth is set in its ways : {isacoustic*}
the name of the sunlight to be born this day : {isacoustic*}
we found the nest and the babies were hungry : {isacoustic*}
wolf shucks : {isacoustic*}
standing in lime : {isacoustic*}
the hear-me horn on the roof of my TRUCK : {isacoustic*}
the cat who ate rice balls : {isacoustic*}
tippy cap was a lone star : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
not looking with the eyes : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
walking into insect world was a new earth rollo : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
the seven of the wild pines : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
sweet wild fox is the crowned head : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
not a cooking show but a pollenation ghost : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
whale love : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
coyotes and bulldozers : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
ladder to the purple sky : BlazeVOX Fall 2019
don’t be a sad rat : in-Appropriated Press #16
bespoke linus dream : in-Appropriated Press #16
what have the seas said? : in-Appropriated Press #16
the tall duck was a lightning : in-Appropriated Press #16
the celery king : in-Appropriated Press #16
this one is the hard art with the same intro as the knight : in-Appropriated Press #16
and now there is a circular fuse to memorize : Otoliths Issue 55
plex if the free tix cot a box coy : Otoliths Issue 55
hand chops like an axe : Otoliths Issue 55
Mr. Burlington Foote : Otoliths Issue 55
down into the clouds with an apple to magic me hatty : Otoliths Issue 55
satellite fat : Otoliths Issue 55
adrian dantley ball : Alien Buddha Zine #12
that old tattered yeck is dorty : Alien Buddha Zine #12
estrellita spore : Alien Buddha Zine #12


a new unknown to guide us : X-Peri
clean duck to stay low : X-Peri
the walking spores in supermarket garb : X-Peri
glump in the dinnies : X-Peri
cake spiders : X-Peri
bobcat smart! : X-Peri
whup hutchie now : X-Peri
pressed into pez : X-Peri
is that the brain in the sink? : Mad Swirl
the dollar pigs : The Curly Mind
the careful kicking of the compliant featureless deeves : The Curly Mind
no standing up straight for six months : The Curly Mind
half of them are in the belly by now : The Curly Mind
the roving hand is a hard rock lucky : The Curly Mind
friendship artichoke listener : The Curly Mind
to clone a sturgis wolf now : petrichor #12
a nice peach in the stew : petrichor #12


half of all halves are : Unlikely Stories Mark V
a false cooking show : Unlikely Stories Mark V
sanitation yarn : Unlikely Stories Mark V
tarantula tooth : Alien Buddha Zine #10
we can't have a cat because of the coyotes : Alien Buddha Zine #10


there are currently three callers ahead of you : M58
earthbound for months : M58
the breakfast joke : M58
the same as the nothing on earth : M58
science ghosts : M58
a star naked in space : M58
affordable poem : M58
maze rex tea the bee reach : coelacanth Issue #1
were you born to check up on the chickens? : coelacanth Issue #1
to verify the clouds in this sector : coelacanth Issue #1
dollars to eat : coelacanth Issue #1
the bleep wharf when you can’t have a duck : coelacanth Issue #1
deck-a-dent : coelacanth Issue #1
hen chuck the oil was a bart of the nervous earth in chains there : coelacanth Issue #1
earth is up early : coelacanth Issue #1
outlined in gold and colored in with a chicken pencil : coelacanth Issue #1
that’s the way we spell eagles : coelacanth Issue #1
gum under the tongue : Best Poetry Online (Formerly Best Poetry)
hot lunch plus a wow : Best Poetry Online (Formerly Best Poetry)
kissing clouds used to be cool : Best Poetry Online (Formerly Best Poetry)
understander : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 15
rice and beans and we understand : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 15
if my voice were a gunboat : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 15
wit som the say der aur : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 15
meet me at that old red barn restaurant : Brave New Word Magazine Issue 15
that merry unit, the millimeter : Otoliths Issue 54
learning to learn is a nacho star for kids : Otoliths Issue 54
hatwheel hammer is the forest for no one cooking that year : Otoliths Issue 54
checker up in anointed severance : Otoliths Issue 54
walking half-hulk : Otoliths Issue 54
whunce kwieckie! : Otoliths Issue 54
morgan halo the snort arbor : Alien Buddha Zine #9
floral glyph : Alien Buddha Zine #9

JULY 2019

ok march one : Mad Swirl
hovercraft vestibule raccoon : Duane's New PoeTreereprinted at Duane's PoeTree
bitten by a horsefly : experiential-experimental-literature
spurk live bell you’ll groan : experiential-experimental-literature
all over everything like the word : experiential-experimental-literature
danderklee the eventual yes : experiential-experimental-literature
diamond grip push-ups : experiential-experimental-literature

JUNE 2019

starting when I conquered the 8th grade : Duane's PoeTree
water is underwater : Unlikely Stories Mark V
pizza swan : Unlikely Stories Mark V
join the french cut green bean army : Unlikely Stories Mark V
chugfish surrenders the lava : Alien Buddha Zine #7

MAY 2019

space light shining on the rocks : Fixator Press
a feather on the river : Fixator Press
gamblin’ sam & copperhead : X-Peri
using the underlined headloom : X-Peri
a quark display and neat teeth : X-Peri
smack nabbit on dristan : X-Peri
the rooster cloud : X-Peri
ghost chuffing not lanternish : X-Peri
marlboro tusks : BlazeVOX Spring 2019
love was the ocean fish today : BlazeVOX Spring 2019
someone is ruining the poem with a weed-whacker : BlazeVOX Spring 2019
slow was a p.o. box coin this miller : BlazeVOX Spring 2019
down into the denver deep : BlazeVOX Spring 2019
hundred dollar door : BlazeVOX Spring 2019
9-volt lifestyle : BlazeVOX Spring 2019
that old sad faceless : Mad Swirl
because I am a machine now numb : Zoomoozophone Review Issue 17
hallspunt brigwaxon : Zoomoozophone Review Issue 17
n. atural : Otoliths Issue 53
brownsville mustery : Otoliths Issue 53
batman is in the blood tonight : Otoliths Issue 53

APRIL 2019

dewy insects vs. loading the program : Fixator Press
deep lime slip light swerkett : Fixator Press

MARCH 2019

this is the dearth vadare : X-Peri
underlined saxon : X-Peri
feeding upon the crumbles of glass : experiential-experimental-literature
overlord pants : experiential-experimental-literature
we should start a soda war with earth : experiential-experimental-literature
we don’t & do : experiential-experimental-literature
the corner of the milk : experiential-experimental-literature


insect test in purple : Otoliths Issue 52
have me eat yarn : Otoliths Issue 52
the sun & friends here : Otoliths Issue 52