2010 Poems


The Earth is a Booger : Clutching at Straws
Palaeooölogy : O Sweet Flowery Roses
Exposure 11:15 : O Sweet Flowery Roses
Von Instant: my FM : O Sweet Flowery Roses
NOBODY THE DON'T : Counterexample Poetics
Ted Necessary Minus : Counterexample Poetics
nine joy (the funk of reptile plates) : Counterexample Poetics
sneaking past machines in number one dream : Counterexample Poetics
Alone with my Spine in the Universe : Counterexample Poetics
Extra Egypt on Brown Bread for Angels : Gutter Eloquence Magazine Issue #12
Noun Mouth : Otoliths Issue 19
one moon winks : Otoliths Issue 19
t : Otoliths Issue 19
aDeep White : Otoliths Issue 19
FREE JESUS : Otoliths Issue 19
American Furniture Werewolf : Otoliths Issue 19
Rare Maths : Otoliths Issue 19


David Bowie's Coffee : Clutching at Straws
Christmas UFO : Durable Goods Issue 28


environisms : Moria
Times New Roman Toothpaste : Eudaimonia Poetry Review
Jellyfish Ampersand : Eudaimonia Poetry Review


Swollen Grover and Black Oatmeal : Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 2
Whiskey in His Orange Juice : Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 2
What is Your Only Comfort in Life and in Death? : Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 2
Sleeping Underwater : Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 2
Two Killer Mockingturds : Blue & Yellow Dog Issue 2
Freedom Pepsi : Otoliths Issue 18
Winnemucca & No/w/here : Otoliths Issue 18
Nearness Detroit : Otoliths Issue 18

JULY 2010

One Tron for Zaxxon : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
handburger of my old what it was : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
Brain Waves Downtown : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
ulterior winterhorn magician : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
Geeth Yow : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
why are you here so loud? : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
Criss Shrimp : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
skeeligus amagus intripe : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
That of the Eel : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
cold sunfish for breakfast in your tent : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook
Document F(ETCHed) : Noise Difficulty Flower e-chapbook (11 new poems)
Oh, Yer Air or Old Smarts : Clutching at Straws
Pigpipe : Clutching at Straws
Have You Memorized Psalm 119? : Clutching at Straws

JUNE 2010

The Hollow Hoot of the Iron Owl : The Beatnik
Magic "G" the Golden Wok : The Beatnik
A LORD HEAVY : The Beatnik
The Morning of Unusual Yarn : Clutching at Straws

MAY 2010

Are YOU a Klone? : Otoliths Issue 17
The Tools of the Defender : Otoliths Issue 17
"What is the Title?" is the Title : Otoliths Issue 17
7 Ulcers : Otoliths Issue 17

APRIL 2010

attack of the gnats : Counterexample Poetics
powershrimp (guernsey sheik) : Counterexample Poetics
Io and Patter B : Counterexample Poetics
the football snow speaks to me if I sit & listen long enough : Counterexample Poetics
Onions vs. Denver : Counterexample Poetics
Wild Hare, Black Circle, Gas on Fire : Clutching at Straws

MARCH 2010

4th Quarter : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Breakfast for Dinner III : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
3rd Quarter : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Breakfast for Dinner II : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
2nd Quarter : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Breakfast for Dinner : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
1st Quarter : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Dead at Dusk : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Don't Forget the Phillie Franks! : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Liars Burn in Hell, Ma'am : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Bodhisattva Mickey Sez: : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
On the "Wall Women" Bridge : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Spirit of 2076 : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Red-eyed Frankenstein Lays an Egg : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Back to Skull : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Dubble Trubble : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Brotherly Lug : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook
Alive at Dawn : The Frankendelphia Experiment chapbook (18 new poems)
the ten-speed doctor, a known marijuana user : Maintenant 4
Tacoanblick the Clown : Clutching at Straws
Dracula Branch : Clutching at Straws
pardon the apostrophe : ditch,
first with pliers : ditch,
tree lit up golly : ditch,
as long as it's raining : ditch,
The Sunshine Ghost w/ the White Noise Participle : ditch,
little wig face : ditch,
born w/ yellow eyes : ditch,
UPS YES : ditch,
ancient seattle lime haiku : The Beatnik
1,000 Hall & Oates Later : The Beatnik
do gotta wuh : The Beatnik


"Little" Ed Little took one of them quizzes : Otoliths Issue 16
the mork of lawq and larry : Otoliths Issue 16
JOPE ALOKENE : Otoliths Issue 16
cloning bees in the bathtub using scissors & rubbing alcohol : Otoliths Issue 16
(Clone of Jones) : Otoliths Issue 16
this dime has fur : Otoliths Issue 16
Happy Shame Zagnut Brother : Otoliths Issue 16
forgotten manna apostrophe : Otoliths Issue 16