Sunday, April 04, 2021

2021 POEMS

APRIL 2021

word of the landy : The Collidescope
wall syrup : The Collidescope
power wool to lead the fibers : The Collidescope
frog spock was the only island : Impspired Issue 10
the ferret of the coy starburst : Impspired Issue 10
the monster inside of the world : Impspired Issue 10
the household of mars : Synchronized Chaos
the song of the lower limbs and the paint of the freezing face : Synchronized Chaos
the window of the shampoo ice : Synchronized Chaos
shepherd of the spiders : Conceit Magazine Volume 15, Number 169
Helga + Surgeon : Conceit Magazine Volume 15, Number 169
Flash Your Name & Face : Conceit Magazine Volume 15, Number 169
My Name is my Initials (reprint) : Conceit Magazine Volume 15, Number 169
Nite Howl : Conceit Magazine Volume 15, Number 169

MARCH 2021

are you a circle? : Mad Swirl
happo the grok lion : Heroin Love Songs XI
in the palace of the dimes : Lotus-eater Issue 13
dream rice in a fixed bucket : Lotus-eater Issue 13
doing the work underwater and hearing the birds : Lotus-eater Issue 13
limon good face the astor yeck : Lotus-eater Issue 13
laserkitty : Modern Literature
tomorrow’s parachuters : Modern Literature
was there something in the room with the elephant? : Modern Literature
to creep with the creatures : RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread
the barn nabbers of the breakfast welty : RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread
the gamble of the gloss or gloos : RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread
I was the robot and I am the robot : Fleas on the Dog Issue 8
the dinah shore tooth of the cake again : Fleas on the Dog Issue 8
the standard frog rate : Fleas on the Dog Issue 8


a weapon of the sphinx ant : Fevers of the Mind
moon moon : Crack the Spine Issue 267
earth devours itself nightly : FEARLESS 74
the new earth with the baby moon : FEARLESS 74
one of the ghost reds : FEARLESS 74
x on the x ort : Synchronized Chaos
the cheap leather to make a couch : Synchronized Chaos
a new earth pretzel : Synchronized Chaos
earth is a triceratops ghost model : Synchronized Chaos
air elke fixture : Synchronized Chaos
water to say when : Synchronized Chaos
the barbed wire is the chocolate of the tank cake : Otoliths Issue 60
the pex freezes the motion of the climbing ankle : Otoliths Issue 60
the complete heaven of the detroit sand is the mirrored rune : Otoliths Issue 60
the nitro of the olive : Otoliths Issue 60
the boom of the hand lark : Otoliths Issue 60


the yellow tape measure is five miles long : Futures Trading 8.2
like smart a-macks that period o’ the text : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
is that you humming? : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
why is there no world in the book? : Lothlorien Poetry Journal
liz one saturn melted pot pock like : Word For/Word Issue 36
red ghost has a dream of earth : Word For/Word Issue 36
karloff bread : Word For/Word Issue 36
invisible action figure : Word For/Word Issue 36
tree grease : Ink Pantry
would you prevent a cavity like crest toothpaste for astronaut powers? : Ink Pantry
I hit 99 and the coffee was making me talk : Ink Pantry
stick wackle the loaf ode : Ink Pantry
a fifty-fifty grin : SurVision Magazine Issue 8
the king of the oyster star : SurVision Magazine Issue 8