Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2020 POEMS

MARCH 2020

I gulp the ham jangle : Mad Swirl
bright bird was to wear an apple : {isacoustic*}


the sweet awesome is the rutch : X-Peri
confounded to sleep in the butter : X-Peri
radio panther eclipse : X-Peri
to start a war with the good shrimp : X-Peri
trick the sun tomorrow : X-Peri
slinking light loaf was a word weeker : X-Peri
we ate the sheriff : X-Peri
a major sleeping bag : Otoliths Issue 56
is that a captain kirk shirt : Otoliths Issue 56
are you a capital J like me : Otoliths Issue 56
the coke and pepsi game : Otoliths Issue 56
you hadn’t started the sun : Otoliths Issue 56
blue machine a grover doll : Otoliths Issue 56
I ate the star : Otoliths Issue 56


machines do not like the magnet : Duane's PoeTree
eclipse procedure on earth-five : Duane's PoeTree
open the wolf door for people : Duane's PoeTree
cleaning beef with beef : [a] neon garden (print zine)
seven is the extra insect : [a] neon garden (print zine)
to eat the earth with butter : [a] neon garden (print zine)
dig it was dave prowse : [a] neon garden (print zine)
moo : [a] neon garden (print zine)
forest sauce is the lucky moon of the dirt : Unlikely Stories Mark V
the fletch of king bacon or the earth of nine worlds : Unlikely Stories Mark V
were you a walking wall or wolf and were you springing into the sun : Unlikely Stories Mark V
there is no mirror this time : [a] neon garden Issue 2
we hear the stomach of the hand : [a] neon garden Issue 2
a feathered foot : [a] neon garden Issue 2
smurfs or saints : [a] neon garden Issue 2
the lemon of the tried eye : [a] neon garden Issue 2
to be candid about mushroom velvet : [a] neon garden Issue 2
scrambled eggs house : [a] neon garden Issue 2
the dave to win that language : [a] neon garden Issue 2
the cake of brain language : [a] neon garden Issue 2
I need that lamp in the dark to scent a wolf to make it a pretty ghost : [a] neon garden Issue 2
see thru the wall if that’s what there is to do on a night like this : Mad Swirl
stars of mascara cave to blind the donkey : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
would you trice fox the capple rock to be spree the free : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
uncle rooster (the shape of a cough) : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
the watermelon fingers : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
that big bix color of the sun and we eat it : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
narrowing that james denim lichen to start a funnel of the tornado points : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
corner was a baba and not the winking hand : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
goor the shrimp cocktail I saw thru the window : Mannequin Haus Issue XII
the need to know us in the air : E·ratio Issue 29
that could explain the camera lozenge : E·ratio Issue 29
thanks for eating my knee : E·ratio Issue 29